Original lyrics for Journey written by Marcus Alexander
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For once in your life, would you come out of your house?
I’ve been waiting long to see you understand
Your eyes are turning white, you have grown without the light
But your garden can’t keep up without your hand
So give up your hand

For once in your life, just pretend that it’s alright
If you spill your glass we’ll get another round
Your fears are all predictions but reality is fiction
Trees don’t fall when no one is aroundSo don’t stick around

For once in your life, would you sing along my lines?
And remind me why we ever tried at all
Your senses in submission, you can ask but never listen
Only one of us is stuck behind a wall
So go climb the wall

For once in my life, I would open up that shrine
But I threw the key away along your lies
You ask me to try, but a poetry kinda guy
You need but I don’t need no surprise
So I’m not surprised

For once in my life, just for once I realize
The ship I sail was only built for one
I ask you to try, when I ask you not to cry
Sing “Take me to a place she’ll never find”
I head for the wind, I forget about your sins
There’s nothing else we ever could have done

So let us be done
Let us be done
Let us be done