Original lyrics for All Again written by Marcus Alexander
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Have the years now betrayed me, while you filled my head
Can you see that it made us take, every step we tread
And all of the miles we said we would share
With words in our heads we just couldn’t bear
I’d speak them aloud in the distance and then
I’d travel the world just to see her again

Has my memory faded,  time did pass me by
When I think of our days, and it no longer makes me cry
And all of the glasses, shared with our friends
With stories of life, that came to their ends
I’d write them down to remember and then
I’d give them all up just to see you again

Are you still here beside me, when I call your name
I would spell it all out, but it takes two to play this game
And all of the pieces, all that we tried
With aim to forget, the spark that we hide
I’d put it out with the oceans and then
I’d set it aflame just to try it again

The highs and lows of what has been
I would do it all again

Will I still be dreamer, when my sun has burned
Will I sing with the truth from all the lessons I have learned
And all of the times, I gave up will blend
A spectrum of light from all of my friends
I give you a thought, for the last time and then
I just want to wake up tomorrow again

And when my dream comes to an end
I will do it all again